Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gluten-Free Travel is on extended hiatus . . .

The information available online now is so amazing -- and easy to find. Far better than it was when I started this Blog about six years ago.

Unless a blogger is diligent to keep up with changes -- what new products and places are available, saying goodbye to the ones no longer around -- readers can get confused. I've run into this myself, and at least know now to check dates of posts.

Life's changed a lot for me in the past couple of years especially, and although I'm doing some traveling, I'm also facing a couple of health issues that need my undivided attention for the rest of the year. As a result, I'm not going to try to update Gluten-Free Travel at this point, and will continue the unofficial hiatus we've been on.

For part of the time, I beat my head against the wall trying to sort things out with Blogger.com, when they took my innocuous little personal blog and morphed it into something else, then wouldn't give me access to it for several months. As I signed on again today, I faced the same issue -- and I'm still not sure how to convince them that I do not want this to be a formal, professional blog, with all the bells and whistles (and charges). I've got a long username at the moment, complete with "tempaccount.com" tagged on the end of it.

So, dear readers and friends, thank you for your support and comments. I hope to be back at it later, with some very interesting finds in places I'll be visiting for the first time. Until then, keep surfing the net. Type in "gluten free in ________" and you'll be pleasantly surprised at where the trail leads.

Keep on keepin' on gluten-free!


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